William Harvey (1905-1994) – in search of gold and diamonds!

William Frederick HARVEY (1905-1994) – travelled the world visiting the Klondike Goldfields (too late), the Suez Canal and then Australia. He become involved with his brother George in a diamond mine but lacked investment.  He broke his hip in the Outback and was brought back to Sydney by camel, travelling for 10 days, then returned home – being semi-crippled for …

Edward Gurnsey (1879-1942) – worked on the Kenyan railways

Ernest GURNSEY (1879 – 1942) – Ernest emigrated to Kenya with his wife and his brother Sid and his wife; they worked on the railways and then Ernest became Pier Master on Lake Victoria Nyanza. He and his wife Edna returned to the UK on their retirement. Their daughter married a wealthy hotel owner in Mombassa.

The Benefields of New Zealand – a blooming business!

When William Benefield set sail with his wife and child from Plymouth in 1874, bound for New Zealand, he could not have foreseen that the roots he would plant there would yield such a rich harvest – both literally and figuratively!

Tom Flight – Two Halves of a Life

Imagine a pile of clothing on a sea shore.  A middle-aged man enters the water and swims out to sea until he disappears.  Alternatively, the same man is in a small boat being rowed from one ship to another and in poor visibility is somehow capsizes and occupants are presumed drowned.  My grandfather, Will Jenner, however believed this man had …