Hastings, Sussex, England



Latitude: 50.8542590, Longitude: 0.5734530


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WELLS, Mary  1795Hastings, Sussex, England I406
2 POOK, Violet  1912``Hastings, Sussex, England I4200
3 PARKER, William Henry Bigs  16 Jul 1866Hastings, Sussex, England I1779
4 PARKER, Robert Percy  3 Aug 1875Hastings, Sussex, England I1783
5 PARKER, Lillian Grace  20 Aug 1874Hastings, Sussex, England I1782
6 PARKER, Kathrine Jane  23 Feb 1864Hastings, Sussex, England I1778
7 PARKER, John Campbel  19 Apr 1871Hastings, Sussex, England I1781
8 PARKER, Edwin Albert  24 Jun 1862Hastings, Sussex, England I1777
9 PARKER, Dorothy Gertrude  13 Jul 1881Hastings, Sussex, England I1785
10 PARKER, Alwyne  22 May 1878Hastings, Sussex, England I1784
11 HOPPER, William Ernest  Mar 1866Hastings, Sussex, England I7022
12 HOPPER, Florence Annie  Sep 1899Hastings, Sussex, England I7207
13 HOPPER, Ellen Henrietta  Jun 1898Hastings, Sussex, England I7206
14 HOPPER, Austin Frank  Jun 1860Hastings, Sussex, England I7020
15 HOPPER, Annie Maria  1 Aug 1868Hastings, Sussex, England I7023
16 HOGBEN, Thomas Richard  06 Dec 1872Hastings, Sussex, England I6910
17 GREENLAND, Martha J  Abt 1883Hastings, Sussex, England I1313
18 BURTON, Frank Robin  12 Dec 1893Hastings, Sussex, England I7499
19 BURTON, Elsie Margaret  5 Dec 1891Hastings, Sussex, England I7498
20 BURTON, Dennis Reuben  7 Apr 1901Hastings, Sussex, England I11369
21 BURTON, Christine Annie  18 Jun 1889Hastings, Sussex, England I7496
22 BURTON, Charles James  4 Feb 1869Hastings, Sussex, England I7495
23 BURTON, Charles Austin  18 Aug 1890Hastings, Sussex, England I7497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 WELLS, Mary  25 Jan 1795Hastings, Sussex, England I406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WILSON, Peter John  2005Hastings, Sussex, England I10704
2 PARKER, Amy Dorcas  5 Nov 1870Hastings, Sussex, England I1780
3 PARKER, Alwyne  29 Dec 1879Hastings, Sussex, England I1784
4 KEELER, Henry Walter  30 Jun 1986Hastings, Sussex, England I9951
5 HOPPER, Ezekiel  1880Hastings, Sussex, England I6975
6 HOPPER, Austin Frank  1885Hastings, Sussex, England I7020
7 HOPPER, Annie Maria  24 May 1902Hastings, Sussex, England I7023
8 BURTON, Dennis Reuben  15 Jan 1902Hastings, Sussex, England I11369
9 BURTON, Christine Annie  6 Jul 1907Hastings, Sussex, England I7496
10 BURTON, Charles James  29 Jan 1907Hastings, Sussex, England I7495


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HOPPER / WISE  Jun 1888Hastings, Sussex, England F2040
2 HOPPER / KEEBLE  Jun 1888Hastings, Sussex, England F1963
3 BURTON / HOPPER  Mar 1889Hastings, Sussex, England F2041
4 BROOKS / STOCKLEY  03 Nov 1878Hastings, Sussex, England F1634