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The wedding of my grandparents – George Willis & Dorothy Nicholls – in Dover, Kent on 6 June 1942.

The Willis Tree is a genealogy website – a historical narrative about families and people and the events that affected their lives.  A living account written by gathering together research and remembrances relating to the history of my family.

It’s a family whose roots lie in the hamlets, towns and villages of East Kent and South Devon. From these small communities, the family has grown and spread across the globe, so there are now descendants living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Tasmania and the USA.

I am indebted to the many cousins and fellow amateur genealogists who have provided so much of the information and images on this site.

I sincerely hope that the contents herein will help others discover their ancestral roots and rediscover their living relatives.


Meet my Grandparents!

George Robert
Dorothy Winifred


Alfred George




“The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are.” Maya Angelou

The ROLL OF HONOUR commemorates those in my family tree who sacrificed their lives ‘for King and Country’ during the two World Wars.

Drawing on information from personal recollection, private archives and selected online sources and resources, the site builds as full a picture as possible of each serviceman.


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